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I make the world my playground with an open mind and curious heart


I capture life being lived

When I first discovered Photography, I was in 5th grade. You see, my mom had this Krzr Flip Phone I was allowed to borrow from time to time and so my friends and I would compete to see who could take the best black and white photos with 1.3 mega pixels. At the time, this was astonishing. 


As my love for photography grew, so did my equipment. I currently shoot with a Canon 6d and operate mostly off my 50 prime lens. I do not own or shoot in-studio and choose to pack on the lighter side by making the world my playground.


My name is Tiffany Nagy and I was born in the winter of 1996 in good ol’ Arizona. I am somewhat an adrenaline junkie, always looking for a new thrill or something new to explore. I learned to live in the moment and capture what feeds my soul. Hoping to fill other souls as I walk this journey called life. 

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Communicating Through Art
Is Like Being A Voice For The Unspoken

The photos I fall in love with are the ones when I am shooting with a purpose. Picking up my camera, looking through my lens, and capturing that moment, whatever it may be, it lights up my soul. There is no better feeling than presenting a photo that speaks for itself. To take a moment in time, freeze it, and have it make an impact that lasts...Those are the moments I live for. 

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There is no vision, only depth perception
~Michael the blind

An interesting fact about me and my love for photography involves my vision. I am, by driving standards, half-blind. My right eye is deeply impaired and I have no depth perception. With my good eye and with photography, I am able to create my own world and show you, how I see depth. 


My way of showing depth is by telling a story. By pulling in information from my surroundings, paying attention to the small details and studying differences in culture, I am able to pull inspiration from peoples environments and lifestyles while also allowing for those candid moments to happen.  

When it comes to shooting for my clients, my goal is to get to know them because the portrait I do best is with a person I know best. Human interaction allows me to accurately capture those natural reactions you cannot fake. Making each photo powerful in its own unique way. 


Embrace your weirdness

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